Health Section: COVID-19: It’s Early...Should Actuaries Do Anything?

Who will be the most impacted? What will it cost? What are the options? In this special edition podcast, Jackie Lee chats with Rebecca Owen from HCA Solutions about the spread, effects, and worries of COVID-19.

Health Section: Modeling the Potential Impact of a Pandemic on the U.S. Health Insurance System 

Jim Toole and Dave Dillon discuss some of the challenges and considerations modeling the potential impact of a pandemic on the US Health Insurance System and some of the take aways for health insurers and self insured plans in today’s fast developing COVID-19 situation.

Health Section: COVID-19: Updates on Impact

Quarantine, shortages, isolation, homeschooling, small businesses, group therapy, hugging, and more. This week Jackie Lee has a follow up chat with Rebecca Owen about the impact of COVID-19.

Health Section: COVID-19: Briefing for Impact

What are the issues payers are facing with COVID-19? Who is being tested? What are the long-term effects? This week Jackie Lee chats with Doug Norris, Matt Kramer, and Pamela Pelizzari about their recent publication COVID-19: Health cost issues for U.S. healthcare payers now and in the days ahead.

Health Section: Telehealth: Healthcare in a Pandemic

What are the benefits of Telehealth? Can we really do everything virtually? What is the cost? Join Jackie Lee as she chats with Traci Hughes on her recent publication The Big Three of Telehealth: Three Benefits, Three Obstacles, Three Delivery Systems.

Katie Keith, What’s current and new with the ACA

Dave Dillon talks to Katie Keith, the health lawyer behind the Following the ACA blog at Health Affairs. Dave and Katie discuss the current state of the ACA and what may be coming down the road based on outstanding litigation.


Application of Behavioral Finance Theories to Health Care Webcast

This webcast features a discussion of behavioral finance theories and their application to health care and health insurance issues. Behavioral finance theories have been used to add value to health actuarial analyses where classical economics have provided insufficient clarity and explanation. Three practicing health actuaries will explain various behavioral finance theories and how they applied them to develop more robust solutions to traditional actuarial analyses.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The application of basic economic concepts such as supply and demand, price elasticity, and the decoy effect to health care
  • The financial impact of consumer choice and consumer decision support tools in the health insurance marketplace
  • Employee health plan selection in a multi-choice environment

If you are interested in adding to your actuarial toolbox and gaining a deeper understanding of the behavior of participants in the health care system and health insurance markets, you will not want to miss this webcast.

ASOPs 5 and 42: The Recent Updates You Don’t Want to Miss Webcast

The Actuarial Standards of Practice (ASOP) are important for identifying what actuaries should consider, document and disclose when performing actuarial services. The presenters at this session will discuss two of the ASOPs pertaining to the areas of health and disability financial reporting. Specifically, we will focus on ASOP 5: Incurred Health and Disability Claims and ASOP 42: Health and Disability Actuarial Assets and Liabilities Other Than Liabilities for Incurred Claims. Both of these ASOPs have undergone revisions recently, and we will review the main concepts in these standards, as well any notable changes from the current revisions.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will gain a better understanding of these standards of practice, including:

  • Their purpose and scope
  • How these standards apply to them
  • The recommended practices for estimating and reviewing both incurred claims as well as actuarial assets and liabilities, other than liabilities for incurred claims

Any significant revisions made to these standards recently, including:

  • The incorporation of references to newer standards
  • The elimination of guidance that does not conform to current ASOP practices
  • The addition and updating of definitions to be more consistent to other standards of practice
  • The revision of these standards to reflect relevant legal, regulatory, and practice developments

Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza on the U.S. Health Insurance Industry

Jim Toole, FSA, MAAA, discuses SOA research he performed on the potential impact of a pandemic on the U.S. health insurance system, including issues with capacity and at-risk populations. He also offers ideas on how actuaries and their employers can partner and provide assistance to their communities, providers and others in the front lines.


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